We want everyone to experience the great taste, texture and nutrition of Be Nurtured’s raw vegan desserts and raw vegan foods.

If you’d like to make our creations available in your store or café, we’re here to help!

As an experienced café owner, Flora understands that adding a new product to your range is an important decision. For more information about our range, check out our Products page.

From storage advice to pricing and answering customer queries about nutrition or ingredients, we supply all the education, training and marketing you need for success.

While our range is currently limited to desserts, we’re also planning an exciting new line of savoury products, so stay tuned!

Got an idea or special request?  Let us know.

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Our mission at Be Nurtured is to educate, empower and inspire you to create lasting change and live a life you love, on your terms. We will guide you to become your own best friend, healer and coach, and help you to reconnect your head and your heart by developing a strong mindset and adopting sustainable, holistic strategies for health, happiness, and vitality.