“Inspiring, fun and delicious!”

“Inspirational and enlightening. A must for anyone who wants to improve their health.”

“Enjoyed the whole night. Flora was excellent!”

“Loved it! Loved Flora’s heart and passion, and how  it is reflected in the food!”

“Raw food is part of my diet but it’s boring. Not anymore!”

“I had a great time eating great food, learning and listening to Flora.”

“It just blew me away. It was quite inspirational & I was surprised with all the dishes we cooked in the 3 hours.”

“I loved the class, it’s amazing how good the food tasted!”

Our mission at Be Nurtured is to educate, empower and inspire you to create lasting change and live a life you love, on your terms. We will guide you to become your own best friend, healer and coach, and help you to reconnect your head and your heart by developing a strong mindset and adopting sustainable, holistic strategies for health, happiness, and vitality.